Check Out Apps for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor apps can make the great outdoors even greater by helping you explore more of nature and do it more safely. Here are a few to try: Cairn – Offers safety tracking and alerts, cell coverage, and navigation. Leafsnap – Snap a photo of a leaf and learn details about the plant it came from. RadarScope – Gives you detailed …

Have Fun Creating Your Avatars

Want to add more whimsy to your social media posts? Create avatars of yourself to bring out your inner artist and make you feel like a kid again. Learn how to get started in our Website Compass article. Click Here for Article

It’s World Telecommunication Day!

Each year on May 17th, our industry celebrates the evolution of communication — from telegraphs and telephones to video chats and social media. We’re honored to play such a crucial role in people’s lives around the world, and we look forward to the development of new technologies in the years ahead.


Lifeline discounts are available on telephone service, broadband internet, or bundled packages. For details, including eligibility requirements, visit or call our office.


The FBI has advised against posting photos of your vaccination card  on social  media, since  scammers are using the images to make and sell fake vaccination cards on the black market.

There’s a Social Media Site for Everyone

Facebook is great. But you may also want to connect with smaller online communities, such as the ones available for fellow foodies, bookworms, travelers, and more. Explore your options in our Website Compass article.

Games to Train Your Brain

There are plenty of playful options to help keep your mind sharp at any age. You can do crossword puzzles, play Scrabble or Sudoku, or visit brain game sites such as Discover all kinds of fun options now in this Website Compass article. Click here to view article

National Superhero Day

April 28th is National Superhero Day — a super good reason to have some fun by creating your superhero name using the color of your shirt plus the last thing you ate. While you’re at it, decide what your superpower will be. Flight? Invisibility? Mind control? Something else?

How Facebook Decides Which Ads to Show You

Are you sometimes puzzled by the ads in your Facebook News Feed and wonder why you’re seeing them? To see why Facebook is showing you a particular ad: 1. Click ••• in the top right corner of the ad. 2. Click “Why am I seeing this ad?” and you’ll see different reasons. For example, “You visited the advertiser’s website.” 3. If available, click > next to the reason …

Where In Your Home Should You Router Go?

To get the best performance from your Wi-Fi network, it’s important to place your router in the optimal location in your home. The wrong location can sometimes cause the internet connection to fail or drop intermittently.   Here are the guidelines:   INSTALL YOUR ROUTER IN A CENTRAL LOCATION. In a multi-story home, this means a central spot (not corner) …