Scam Alert! Like Farming Scams

What’s like-farming? It’s when scammers create eye-catching posts designed to generate many likes and shares. Examples of such posts include: – “I bet this post does not get a million likes.” The subject may be a mistreated animal, an unfortunate child, or anything else that deserves our sympathy. – “90 percent of people fail this test.” Yet you can come …

Tech Tip: 4 Warning Signs of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses can do serious damage to your system, so watch for these warning signs:   1. Strange and frequent pop-ups – If you’re getting bombarded by pop-up ads, your computer may be infected by a virus. Same goes for unusual alerts and ads for anti-virus products. 2. Messages you didn’t send – It’s a red flag when a friend …

Your Great Googling Guide

Sometimes when you type a word or two into the Google search bar, you get lots of results but not the exact information you were looking for. To search more efficiently, try the tips in this article from our latest issue of Website Compass magazine. Here’s a preview: Quotation marks are your friend. Read the article here.

Caring for Your Devices in Cold Weather

Smartphones and tablets don’t like cold weather. When a lithium-ion battery is exposed to low temperatures, it can drain faster than normal or indicate it has ample power remaining and then suddenly go dead. Low temperatures can also make a device’s glass surfaces more sensitive to cracks and breaks, especially if there’s already a nick. To protect your devices, don’t leave them for …

January 14 – Dress Up Your Pet Day!

In the mood for some lighthearted fun? Dress up your pet on January 14 and share pics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #DressUpYourPetDay. Don’t forget to also wow your neighbors when you take your dog for a walk. Let the furry fashion show begin!

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security that requires two distinct forms of identification in order to gain access to an online account or computer system. In this context, a factor means a way to convince the account or system that you are who you say you are.   In 2FA, the first factor is typically your username/password pair. The second …

Thank you to our team!

We’re fortunate to have such talented and resourceful employees, who successfully navigated through the changes required in 2020 — from switching work locations to following safety precautions. We admire their dedication and thank them for continuing to deliver excellent customer service despite these hurdles. Whatever 2021 brings, we know our employees will keep making us proud!

Phishing Emails – Scam Alert

You’re probably familiar with phishing emails, where a scammer claims to be from your bank, a government agency, or a business and tries to trick you into giving them personal information. Well, the same type of fraudulent activity also happens via text.   The message may ask you to click a link and visit a website to “unlock” or “verify” …

4 Eco-Friendly Alternative Gift Wraps

When wrapping holiday gifts, consider these ideas: 1. Fabric is the ideal reusable material for wrapping gifts. You could use festive pillowcases and kitchen towels or buy inexpensive holiday fabrics. 2. Clay pots come in all sizes and can be decorated with paint or markers. Simply invert the dish for catching water and use it as a lid. 3. Have …

Tech Tip: Add Holiday Backgrounds to Zoom

Add extra holiday spirit to your Zoom calls by downloading free virtual backgrounds from the Hallmark Channel at   To upload to Zoom: Navigate to Zoom’s settings or preferences, select the “Virtual Background” tab, and click the “Plus Icon” to upload your Hallmark Channel background. For more information, visit