SCAM ALERT: Beware of Celebrity Imposter Scams

Do you follow your favorite celebrities on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? If you receive a direct message from one of them out of the blue, it’s almost certainly a scam. Imposters will reach out to the real celebrity’s followers and ask them to donate to a charity or buy tickets to a private concert. Look for the blue checkmark on …

What Can You Do With Your Old Phone?

When you get a new phone, you may decide to trade in your old one with your cellular carrier, give it to a family member, sell it online, or take it to an electronics recycling organization. But those aren’t your only options. Use it as a security camera by downloading an app like AlfredCamera or Presence. Turn it into a …

Why Con Artists Target Senior Citizens

According to the FBI, senior citizens should be particularly vigilant for telemarketing scams because con artists target them for these reasons: They probably have a “nest egg” and excellent credit. They were raised to be polite and trusting. They’re less likely to report a fraud because they’re either ashamed of having been scammed or don’t realize it’s happened.

Tech Tip: Get a Transcript of a YouTube Video

Sometimes it’s handy to have the words of a YouTube video in written form, such as in the case of how-to instructions. To see them, click on the three dots (…) below the video and select “Open transcript.”

Surprises Might Be Found Underground

Buried utility lines may be on your property, which is why you call 811 to have them located before you dig. But they’re not the only things that might be underground. In 2013, a California couple closing the deal on a home found a fully stocked nuclear fallout shelter. In 1997, a Massachusetts man found a 16-inch, 15-pound bone, later determined …

Toddler Joins Pro Soccer Game

When a 2-year-old boy ran onto the field during a professional soccer game, his mom had to think fast (and run even faster) to catch him. If you’ve ever had to chase after a toddler under less-than-ideal circumstances, you’ll be able to relate to this video.

The Jetsons Predicted the Future Well

Do you remember the futuristic family cartoon The Jetsons, which premiered in 1962 and was set in 2062? As it turns out, many of the contraptions depicted on the show are already around today. Find out which ones in this fun Website Compass article.    

Shop in Your Own Backyard

You don’t have to go far for fast and reliable internet service. We’re the local provider, and we have what you need to fly through a busy day of streaming, video conferencing, online gaming, and more. Contact us for details.

How to Avoid a QR Code Scam

Scammers are using stickers to place their own QR codes on top of legitimate ones, especially in public places like airports. People who scan the fake QR codes are directed to malicious websites and prompted to provide information to be used for identity theft. Never scan a QR code on a removable sticker and be sure to use a secure …

Types of Internet Slang

Internet slang is popular since it allows people to communicate efficiently while saving keystrokes. Some of the most widely used types include: Heterography – Non-standard spelling which usually combines numbers and letters (Example: 2day) Internet Acronyms – Formed by using only the first letter of each word in a phrase (Example: LOL for laugh out loud) Letter Homophones – A …