Learn to Fix Almost Anything

Let’s face it. Something’s always breaking around the house. And the cost of professional repair or replacement can be high. You may be surprised how many things you can fix yourself, especially with the guidance of how-to videos and other online resources. Flip through this Website Compass feature article to learn more.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in honor of the civil rights leader. It’s the only federal holiday marked as a national day of service in the U.S., with the goal of encouraging us to volunteer and do our part to improve the communities in which we live.

Don’t Settle for a Cellular Hotspot

If you’re using a cellular hotspot as your internet service, you know how frustrating it can be. You run out of data. Or your carrier slows down your connection when you go over a certain threshold. Or you’re stuck paying overage fees. There’s a much better option. Switch to our superfast and reliable internet service.


While you’re looking for your next job, scammers could be looking for their next victim. There are fraudulent offers out there involving illegal jobs or ones designed to facilitate identity theft or fake check schemes. It’s a red flag if you’re offered a job without an interview, sent a check before you start a job, or required to purchase start-up …

Give Your old Tablet new Life in the Kitchen

Recently get a new tablet and can’t figure out what to do with your old one? Look no farther than your kitchen for great ideas. Use apps such as AllRecipes to display recipes while you cook, or watch cooking shows via streaming for expert guidance and inspiration. Your old tablet can also play music or videos to keep you entertained …


Our Winter ‘22 Website Compass magazine will come in handy, whether or not you consider yourself to be handy. Its feature article is all about fixing things — from furniture to camping gear — using online resources. Flip through it now for tips on finding instructional videos, tool guides, a repair café, and more. This issue also contains important content about …

National Tech Day is January 6th

National Tech Day is January 6th — a time to celebrate both the technology we’re already using and the technology that’s coming down the road. What new technology are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments.


You’ll feel like you’re scuba diving when you watch this underwater video of the Red Sea’s coral reefs and colorful sea life. But no wet suit and oxygen tank are needed!

Happy New Year!

We wish all our friends, neighbors, and customers a Happy New Year. May 2022 bring you many reasons to celebrate and many moments to cherish.

3 Tech Resolutions to Make in 2022

Don’t forget about technology when making New Year’s resolutions. If you aren’t doing these things already, resolve to start in 2022: 1) Back up your data regularly, either through an external hard drive or cloud storage. 2) Keep your software and operating system updated. 3) Fight back against spam by using junk mail filters.