What Data Do Internet Speed Tests Provide?

With the push of a button, speed test sites such as speedtest.net will quickly display the download speed, upload speed, and ping. Also called latency, ping is the reaction time of your connection — how quickly your device gets a response after you’ve sent out a request. A fast ping means a more responsive connection, which is especially important in applications such …


Who doesn’t dream of winning a lot of money or some other type of big prize? That’s why scammers still use the promise of a prize, in a call or email, to try and steal your money or financial information. You’ll know it’s a scam if you have to pay “taxes,” “shipping and handling charges,” or “processing fees” to claim …

Don’t Let Tech Be a Pain in the Neck

Have you experienced the pain of Tech Neck due to the many hours you spend using your mobile devices? Learn the symptoms and find out what you can do to ease the strain in our Website Compass article [https://flipyourpages.com/flip_pages/WebsiteCompass/truleap/18/].

Have a Whale of a Good Time

Watch this amazing video to see what kayakers near Penn Islands, BC experience when a humpback whale and her calf launch out of the water. Stream the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j17CUVoONsQ

Make Sure Your Steaks are Medium Rare and Your Wi-Fi Well Done

When the weather is nice, you need more than strong Wi-Fi inside your home. You also need it outside on your backyard deck or patio. That way, family and friends can enjoy a side of streaming videos along with their steaks.   For Wi-Fi that’s well done, ask about our Managed Wi-Fi service.

When Ping is Too High, It Can be “Game Over”

Ping is the reaction time required for information to go to the server and back. You can also think of ping as the number of milliseconds (ms) it takes for your computer or game console to respond to a request by another computer. Ping requirements vary from game to game, and serious gamers will want to strive for the lowest …

Why Do So Many Apps Ask to Collect Location Data?

Apps ask to collect your location data for a variety of reasons. They may use it to give you maps, coupons for nearby stores, or information about who you might know nearby. Or they may provide location data to ad networks, which combine it with other information in their databases to target ads based on your interests and location.   Technically, very …

Check Out Apps for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor apps can make the great outdoors even greater by helping you explore more of nature and do it more safely. Here are a few to try: Cairn – Offers safety tracking and alerts, cell coverage, and navigation. Leafsnap – Snap a photo of a leaf and learn details about the plant it came from. RadarScope – Gives you detailed …

Have Fun Creating Your Avatars

Want to add more whimsy to your social media posts? Create avatars of yourself to bring out your inner artist and make you feel like a kid again. Learn how to get started in our Website Compass article. Click Here for Article

It’s World Telecommunication Day!

Each year on May 17th, our industry celebrates the evolution of communication — from telegraphs and telephones to video chats and social media. We’re honored to play such a crucial role in people’s lives around the world, and we look forward to the development of new technologies in the years ahead.