Scam Alert! Romance Scams

Romance scams are the costliest type of scam for people 60 and older. That’s why the FTC is spreading the word about this growing threat, which can leave victims with a broken heart and an empty bank account.



Even if this scam might not affect you, it could be happening to someone you know. Keep these things in mind:

– If a friend or loved one mentions an online love interest, ask if they’ve met in person.

– It’s a red flag if the love interest wants to quickly leave the dating app and communicate through email or instant messaging.

– If they haven’t met in person, and that love interest asks for money, that’s a scam.

– Only scammers tell people to send money by gift cards, money transfer, or cryptocurrency (which are harder to trace).


The criminals who carry out romance scams are experts at what they do and may seem genuine and believable. But don’t believe them for a second!