Four Tips for Putting Your Best Face Forward During Video Calls

You may be participating in more video calls these days, whether in a virtual meeting for a community group or just hanging out with family and friends. If you’ve ever been disappointed by how you look on the screen, don’t worry. These tips can help you enhance your appearance. Choose your light source carefully. Natural light is better than artificial …

How Do I Create a Facebook Avatar?

Learn how to create a cartoon version of yourself (a.k.a. an avatar) on Facebook. Be creative–you’ll be able to see what you would look like after losing a few pounds and getting a different haircut and color. Wrinkles are optional. Link:

Summer 2020 Website Compass Magazine

The pandemic has changed virtually every aspect of daily life, which is why it’s the focus of our Summer 2020 Website Compass magazine. Flip through the feature article now to find tips on how to successfully work from home, stay connected while distant socializing, support local small businesses, and more. Link:

Look at Your Picture Taking From a New Angle

Use these tips to kick your photography skills up a notch. Try these more creative approaches to picture taking: Shoot moments, not poses. Be more discreet when you take photos, and try to capture people being themselves – talking, laughing, and so on. Don’t forget the preparation stage. The activities that happen before a gathering begins (i.e. food prep, decorating, etc.) …

Scam Alert! Pet Adoption Scam

Criminals have now turned online pet adoption into a scam. The doggone scheme could leave you without a pet AND your money. Link:

Do More With Broadband Internet

We can help you do more with fast, reliable internet. Broadband Internet from Truleap Technologies is a game changer. Our fast internet speeds allow you to stream entertainment and play games without the hassles of buffering or delays. And with our reliable network and 24/7 technical support, you can relax knowing we have your back. What can you do with Truleap …

5 Reasons to Unplug Once in Awhile

When it comes to technology, there can be too much of a good thing. Flip through this Website Compass article to learn the benefits of periodically unplugging from your devices, which include less stress, better mental health, enhanced relationships, and more. You’ll also find tips on how to make a digital detox more successful. Read More Here:

FAQ: How Do I Report Troubling Content on Facebook

Facebook is a great way for people to connect with each other. But unsuitable content can ruin the experience. Reporting offensive posts, videos, and/or profiles to Facebook may be an option for cleaning up your Facebook feed. Read more about it here