No Internet (Fiber)

First, you will want to locate the Cyber Power. Usually, they are placed inside the garage or basement if they have them. If they have neither of those they can be placed on the exterior of the house. (Picture Placed Below for Reference)

Once you have located the CyberPower unit you will want to verify some of the lights on the box.

System Status (Green) = Indicates normal mode of operation

DC (Green) = Indicates the battery is supplying the power. At 45% battery capacity the LED will flash and then an alarm will beep approximately 4 times per minute.

Mute (Orange) = Press and hold the button “Alarm Silence” for 0.5 seconds to silence the audible alarm for 24 hours, and the LED will flash.

Replace Battery (Red) = Battery Replacement required / Alarm will beep once every 15 minutes. The LED also illuminates when the battery is absent.

The most common issues regarding the internet not working who has Fiber will be that the Cyber Power is not receiving power, the battery has gone bad within the unit, or the router has gone bad.

If there are no lights on the Cyber Power, check the outlet that it is plugged into. The best way to test is to grab a phone charger since those are usually readily available in a household. If the outlet is not working, you can plug it into an extension cord, while the figure the issue with the outlet.

If the battery light is red that means the battery within the unit has gone bad, the battery will physically need to be replaced by a technician, call 208-326-4331.