Don’t Settle for a Cellular Hotspot

If you’re using a cellular hotspot as your internet service, you know how frustrating it can be. You run out of data. Or your carrier slows down your connection when you go over a certain threshold. Or you’re stuck paying overage fees. There’s a much better option. Switch to our superfast and reliable internet service.


Our Winter ‘22 Website Compass magazine will come in handy, whether or not you consider yourself to be handy. Its feature article is all about fixing things — from furniture to camping gear — using online resources. Flip through it now for tips on finding instructional videos, tool guides, a repair café, and more. This issue also contains important content about …

Happy Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

Happy Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! Time to pull your favorite one from the closet or check out local stores to find a sweater so ugly it’s beautiful. The more the merrier when it comes to snowflakes, reindeer, trees, gifts, and elves! Feel free to post a pic in the comments of you wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. We’d love to …


Is your laptop running slowly? Does it randomly shut down in the middle of tasks? These are just two of the signs that your laptop is in decline and probably needs to be replaced. Check out the rest of the signs, plus learn other reasons to buy a new laptop, in our Website Compass article.

Small Business Saturday Is Coming Up!

Small Business Saturday is a big deal! Please visit your favorite local businesses on Saturday, November 27 and encourage others to do the same. It’s a fun and easy way to help support our community.


Online shopping is convenient. But before you make your next purchase, check out our Website Compass article. You’ll learn how to avoid the tricks of hackers and scammers trying to steal your personal information.

Going Batty With Slow Internet at Your House?

Slow internet can drive anyone batty. It’s no fun to watch that spinning wheel go around while a video is buffering or to experience frustrating Zoom lags or freezes. The solution is to sign up for one of our super-fast internet plans. Call us today.

Fall 21′ Website Compass Cover

Crafting is bigger than ever, which is why it’s featured in our Fall ’21  Website Compass magazine. Flip through it now for creative inspiration to take your current craft projects to the next level or begin new ones. This issue also shares online shopping strategies, social media tips for parents, and much more. Click here to view the website!

Support Our Team and Our Community Wins

By choosing us as your communications provider, the benefits go well beyond your home or business to places throughout our community — including ball fields, classrooms, food pantries, and more. We donate to a variety of local nonprofit organizations, and our team volunteers at many community events. We care about more than just making a profit. We care about making a difference.

The Jetsons Predicted the Future Well

How The Jetsons Predicted The Future “The Jetsons,” a popular animated television series from the 1960s, captured the imaginations of millions with its futuristic setting and advanced technology. Set in the year 2062, the show featured a typical American family living in a world filled with remarkable inventions and smart gadgets. Interestingly, many of the futuristic concepts portrayed in “The …