Call Before You Dig

At least a few days before you dig on your property, you must call 811 to get underground utility lines marked. This helps prevent unintended consequences such as injuries, damage to your property, utility service outages to the neighborhood, and potential fines and repair costs. Some homeowners, however, are confused about when they need to call 811. So we’re clearing up some common misconceptions.

“It’s just a small project. I don’t need to call.”
Wrong! Every digging job requires a call — even “small” projects like planting trees and shrubs.

“I am digging in a spot that was previously marked.”
You still need to call. Erosion, root system growth, or utility work completed after the last time you dug can change the depth and location of buried lines.

“I assume my contractor or landscaper will call.”
Don’t assume. Check with the company to make sure a call to 811 has been placed.


TruLeap technologies thanks you for helping prevent damage to our underground infrastructure.