Slow Speeds (Wireless Broadband)

If you have Wireless Broadband and are experiencing slow speeds, you will want to locate the power supply. The easiest way to do so is to look at the back of the router and locate the port labeled ‘Internet’ or ‘WAN’. Once you located that, follow the cable and it should lead to one of the following power supplies shown below.


Once you have found the power supply you will want to unplug the power to that box for about 15-30 seconds. Once that is complete plug the power supply back in and wait about 2 – 5 minutes while everything comes back.

After the service light on the router is green, test the speed again wherever you were seeing the issue before you had them reboot. If they are still having issues with slow speeds, it may be caused by a router or a signal issue and you would want to call 208-326-4331.