Slow Speeds / No Internet (DSL)

  1. Locate the modem.
    When troubleshooting for DSL you will want to locate the modem, which looks like the following picture below.

    Upon locating the modem, you will want to verify everything is plugged in properly.

  2. After, you will want to make sure the following lights are shown.
    LAN (Green) = Router or Computer is detected; cable is connected to the yellow port on the modem and connected to the internet port on the router/computer.
    Internet (Green/Red) = still working properly
    ADSL (Green) = A solid light means it’s working correctly. A flashing, we have a bad modem. No light means the grey telephone cable is not plugged in. Make sure it is plugged into the grey port on the back of the modem and that it’s still plugged into the jack on the wall.
    Power (Green) = Turned on.
  3. If the issue is slow speeds unplug the Modem from power for 15 seconds. While that is unplugged unplug the router for 15 seconds as well. Then plug the modem and router back into power. You will want to give that roughly about 5 minutes for everything to fully come back online.
    If you are still having issues, call 208-326-4331