Patronage Notice

As a not for profit cooperative, Filer Mutual is owned by the members who use our services. When you pay your telephone/internet bill each month, you are building equity in your cooperative, based on your usage. This is referred to as a capital credits allocation. At the Board’s discretion and as the financial condition of the co-op allows, capital credits are periodically retired and returned to co-op member-owners. Each co-op member is assigned an individual capital credits account, separate from their billing account. Whenever funds are allocated to your capital credits account, your equity in the co-op increases.

We are pleased to announce that we will be returning patronage credits to our customers in the month of November, 2015. If the amount of your patronage credit is more than $5.00, you will receive a check, mailed to your address on record. If your patronage credit is less than $5.00, you will see the credit on this monthly billing statement. If you did not have service with us is 2014 or 1994, you will not receive a credit or a check.