Device Support

We don’t offer device support, but we can attempt to help get you back up and running so you can get in contact with a place of business that specializes in device repair to get the issue resolved. Here are some basic troubleshooting steps that may help you solve the problem. 



The most common issue that we usually encounter is Smart TVs having issues connecting via Wi-Fi or buffering constantly. The best thing to do is unplug the tv for 10 – 15 seconds and plug it back in. After that reconnect to the Wireless Network and test the streaming application.



If the computer is having connection issues the best place to start is checking to make sure the device is connected to the network. If you are still experiencing issues it tends to be the network adapter having issues and it needs reset. Right-click on where you would connect via Wi-Fi and select ‘Troubleshoot problems’ and then follow the prompt to select the wireless adapter. Once completed it will prompt you to restart the computer, after that you can test the connection again. if that does not work and other devices are connecting fine, you will need to contact a computer repair place. BestBuy or Microchips would be the best places.


Accessing Specific Programs or Websites

We don’t block websites, programs, or anything that is accessible on a device. If you are having issues with a specific program/website while everything else is working you would need to contact the respective support for that. We can only troubleshoot our equipment, no specific applications, or websites.