Security Tips When Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is convenient, but it can also be insecure, allowing hackers to intercept information such as your credit card numbers. Ask an employee about the legitimate Wi-Fi access point’s name to avoid connecting to a bogus link and don’t conduct banking or shopping transactions when using public Wi-Fi.

What Can You Do With Your Old Phone?

When you get a new phone, you may decide to trade in your old one with your cellular carrier, give it to a family member, sell it online, or take it to an electronics recycling organization. But those aren’t your only options. Use it as a security camera by downloading an app like AlfredCamera or Presence. Turn it into a …

Why Con Artists Target Senior Citizens

According to the FBI, senior citizens should be particularly vigilant for telemarketing scams because con artists target them for these reasons: They probably have a “nest egg” and excellent credit. They were raised to be polite and trusting. They’re less likely to report a fraud because they’re either ashamed of having been scammed or don’t realize it’s happened.

Surprises Might Be Found Underground

Buried utility lines may be on your property, which is why you call 811 to have them located before you dig. But they’re not the only things that might be underground. In 2013, a California couple closing the deal on a home found a fully stocked nuclear fallout shelter. In 1997, a Massachusetts man found a 16-inch, 15-pound bone, later determined …

Types of Internet Slang

Internet slang is popular since it allows people to communicate efficiently while saving keystrokes. Some of the most widely used types include: Heterography – Non-standard spelling which usually combines numbers and letters (Example: 2day) Internet Acronyms – Formed by using only the first letter of each word in a phrase (Example: LOL for laugh out loud) Letter Homophones – A …

We Hope the Coming School Days Add Up to Great Experiences

We’re a big supporter of our community’s schools and the important work happening inside their classrooms — from solving problems to inspiring creativity. As another new school year begins, we wish good luck to all the students, parents, and teachers in our service area.


As if identity theft in general wasn’t bad enough, watch out for these special forms of this crime: 1) Tax identity theft – Using your Social Security number to file a duplicate return to get a refund. 2) Child identity theft – Using your child’s personal information to open accounts in their name. 3) Medical identity theft – Using your …


We hope your Independence Day weekend is full of fun, family, and fireworks! As a reminder, our office will be closed in observance of the holiday on Monday, July 5.


Eating outside is a wonderful summer tradition. Just don’t let bacteria join the party and make your guests ill. Perishable foods outside for hours can develop high levels of bacteria. Keep cold foods cold, at 41°F or below, by using coolers or setting serving bowls in larger bowls filled with ice. Keep hot foods hot, at 135°F, inside crock pots …


Who doesn’t dream of winning a lot of money or some other type of big prize? That’s why scammers still use the promise of a prize, in a call or email, to try and steal your money or financial information. You’ll know it’s a scam if you have to pay “taxes,” “shipping and handling charges,” or “processing fees” to claim …