National Pie Month

Who decided to pick the shortest month of the year as National Pie Month? At least there are 29 days this year to slice up some deliciousness! Taste of Home will assist you in deciding which ones to make with 50 of their best pie recipes. (Link to Taste of Home)

Fake Apps Are Real Problems

Spammers are now trying to get your information through fake apps. Here are some things to look for to make sure you’re downloading a legit app.

Data Privacy Day

Given the frequency and magnitude of identity theft, it’s vitally important to do what you can to protect your personal information. Learn more at Click on “STAY SAFE ONLINE” and get tips about Online Safety Basics, Managing Your Privacy, and more. Secure your devices: Use strong passwords, passcodes, or touch ID features to lock your devices. Think before you app: …

Dial-Up Internet

Remember dial-up internet? Internet users back then got used to that familiar series of beeps that signaled an internet connection being made. Watch this video to see if the dial-up sound is more annoying than you remember it.

4 Tips to Help Senior Family Members Beat Technophobia

Keep it simple. Tablet computers are ideal for first-timers because of their simple design and intuitive, touch-screen interface. Increase accessibility. Software packages are available that transform a busy screen into an easy-to-navigate, large-text interface that makes email and photo sharing a breeze (Eldy or Emerge Desktop, for example). Write instructions down. After introducing a new skill, leave a simple list …

Virtual Challenges Can Spread Like Wildfire

Viral challenges have been popular on social media for years — from the Ice Bucket Challenge that raised $115 million for ALS research to the Tide Pod Challenge that led to health ramifications. Curious about what makes challenges go viral? You’ll get answers in your Winter 2020 Website Compass magazine.  Link:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Take time to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and accomplishments today. “The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Automate the New Year

Put Some Tasks on Autopilot to Simplify Your Life Automatically manage household tasks. It’s easy to set up timers to handle tasks such as turning on and off lights and watering your lawn. You can also use a robot vacuum to clean your floors. Automatically back up your smartphone’s photos and videos. If you have an Apple device, you can …

What Are the benefits of Nextdoor?

Find out the benefits of Nextdoor which is kind of like Facebook for your neighborhood so it includes more relevant information.

Support Ends for Windows 7

Support ends for Windows 7 after January 14, 2020 Click the following link to learn about the most current Windows operating system (Windows 10):