Are you getting the most out of your Wi-Fi?

Is your Wi-Fi weak in some areas of your home? Are you having difficulty holding on to a connection upstairs? Or in your basement? As we add more and more devices to our home Wi-Fi, our routers and/or modems may not be able to keep up.

Home networking solutions are often the answer. They are designed to cover every corner of even the largest homes. A home networking system is comprised of a main router and a series of satellite modules that you place throughout your home. Most Wi-Fi system satellites use mesh technology to talk to the router and to each other. This allows a consumer to optimize their Wi-Fi where they need to. 

Wi-Fi systems often come with user-friendly mobile apps that allow the consumer to manage their Wi-Fi network. You can create a guest netwok, create and change passwords, manage users, and troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Home networking systems can be expensive when purchased from a retail outlet. Talk to your internet provider and see if they have managed Wi-Fi and if lease options are available. For a low monthly lease price, you get the hardware, professional installation, software updates and technical support.

Call us at 208.326.4331 for a consultation if you would like to learn more about Filer Mutual’s home networking solution. You could be experiencing ultimate Wi-Fi in your home right away. With our new promotion, you could receive a Gigacenter router and managed Wi-Fi service completely FREE. And FREE is always good, right?