Is a Smaller Internet Service Provider Better?

Today, reliable access to the internet is more important than ever. That means access to a reliable internet service provider is important, too! Whether you’re using the internet for entertainment, like online gaming and streaming, or you’re using it for vital day-to-day operations, such as work or mobile banking, having reliable internet is a MUST. 

When it comes to choosing an internet service provider (ISP), customers are often faced with the decision between large, well-known corporations and smaller, local ISPs. Are small ISPs better than big-name providers? Let’s answer this question by examining some key factors.


What is the Difference Between a Small Internet Service Provider and a Large One?

The biggest difference between large and small internet service providers is their size. Large ISPs usually operate on a national or international scale. They have millions of customers across very large geographical areas. These companies typically have substantial resources and existing infrastructure, which allows them to offer a wide range of services. There are a few drawbacks of choosing a large internet provider, especially if you live in a more rural area or an area with outdated infrastructure. 

On the other hand, small and local internet service providers are typically regional or local providers that serve a smaller customer base within a specific area. While they may not have the same expansive reach or resources as their larger counterparts, small ISPs often pride themselves on personalized customer service and a deeper understanding of the needs of their local communities. 


Common Drawbacks of Big-Name Internet Providers

Higher prices for lower speeds

When a large ISP is well established in an area, OR if they are the only big-name provider in a region, they have no incentive to keep their pricing structure competitive. Creeping monthly rates, slower speeds, and overcrowding are all common complaints with large ISPs. Outdated infrastructure can contribute to these slower speeds.

Not locally owned

While they do tend to staff their teams with local employees, national internet service providers don’t typically get involved with community efforts. Profits are sent up the corporate ladder rather than back into the community that the provider is serving. 

Outsourced customer support

There is plenty of incentive for large name service providers to outsource their customer service and support to other countries rather than to staff their in-house teams with personable, knowledgeable, and local tech support members.

Does it Matter What Internet Service Provider I Use?

Factors such as reliability, internet speed, pricing, and customer service all matter when you’re choosing an internet service provider. For some consumers, affordability is the most common factor. For others, reliability and speed are the most important. Regardless of which metrics are most important to you, be sure to thoroughly research and consider your options when you’re choosing an ISP. Whatever the “best” choice is for you will depend on where the different providers in your area rank on those metrics!


Why is a Local Internet Service Provider Considered Better?

One of the biggest reasons customers often perceive local internet service providers are the best choice is their emphasis on community engagement and customer service. Local ISPs are deeply rooted in the communities they serve. Truleap has been serving Southern Idaho for over ONE HUNDRED years!

Small local ISPs understand the unique needs and challenges of their customers and are often more responsive to customer concerns. Finally, local internet providers may offer more flexibility and customization options than larger providers can. They can tailor their service packages to meet the specific needs of their customers. For example, Truleap’s “Tru Wi-Fi Experience” gives our customers more control over their network safety and security. The best part? You can do it all from one convenient app dashboard! Learn more about the Tru Wi-Fi Experience here!


Why Customers Choose TruLeap Residential Internet as an Internet Service Provider!

Truleap is a prime example of a small internet service provider that prioritizes customer service and community involvement. Our team of internet experts is committed to providing reliable high-speed internet to our customers both in the city and in the countryside! No matter where you’re located in Southern Idaho, with Truleap, fast and reliable internet is closer than ever.

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