7 things to do this summer in Southern Idaho

School is out, or just about out in most places around the Magic Valley. Don’t let your Summer pass you up. Get out there and get busy enjoying all that our area has to offer.

Here is a list of 7 things you need to do this Summer!

#1. Zip The Snake – If you haven’t been we highly recommend it. Zip The Snake is a zip line located down in the canyon at Centennial Park in Twin Falls. The whole experience will take between an hour and a half and 2 hours total, depending on your party size. It’s just about the most exciting thing you can do, zipping through the air while checking out the great scenery. 

#2. Herrett Center – You simply must take the kids to the Herrett Center at CSI. The Planetarium has some great shows and the museum is always worth a walk through. If you’d like to check out the showtimes just Google Herrett Center Twin Falls or click here.

#3. Dierkes Lake – A childhood favorite of my own, if you haven’t been in a while Dierkes Lake has some pretty neat upgrades. The playground is brand new and the swimming area has some super cool changes, but don’t forget that sun block… a sunburn can ruin you week!

#4. Rock Creek Park – In my opinion this is one of the great hidden treasures in our area. The path at Rock Creek winds deep into the canyon along the waterside and disappears about a mile or so in. Along the path you may even find hidden treasures from the group Twin Falls Rocks whose members frequently come down into the park to hide little painted gems for others to find and rehide. It only takes about an hour, and the best part is… its FREE!

#5. Mini Golf – Putters Mini Golf just off of Pole Line Road is absolutely fantastic! The staff is super friendly and the water obstacles are just the coolest. It only takes about an hour and at the end… there is ice cream.

#6. The Orpheum Theatre – The historical Orpheum Theatre is located on the newly renovated Main Street in Twin Falls. It is always a great place to go and watch a movie or a play. They’ve got you covered on the snacks, so no need to smuggle in your nachos… leave that bulky coat at home… it’s Summer and you’re not fooling anyone! Just kidding, we know you don’t do that. You can check out their showtimes by simply pulling up Google and typing in Orpheum Twin Falls or by clicking here.

#7. 1st Federal Park – Last but not least, the First Federal Park is located at the Sunway Soccer Complex just off of Pole Line Road. If you haven’t been yet you really need to go check it out. They even have a splash pad for the kids and shaded areas for the adults so head on down and have yourselves a great time. We’ll see you out there!

Stay tuned for more Summer ideas and if you’re looking for more there are a ton of great things to do and awesome things to see in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley. Check out some of these: Auger Falls, Perrine Bridge, Snake River Canyon Trail, Shoshone Falls, Centennial Waterfront Park, Buzz Langdon Visitor Center, Room Escape Games, Pillar Falls, Idaho Heritage Museum, Magic Valley Mall, Magic Valley Flight Simulator and you can always Google places to rent Kayaking or Canoeing gear!