4 Things To Consider When Choosing An Internet Provider


The location where you live and work is the most important factor when choosing an internet service provider. Not all providers have service in every area. Rural areas may be more of a challenge than urban cities. Do a web search for internet providers available in your zip code area.

Internet Speed

The more users and devices you have, the more speed you will need. Consider how many individuals will be using the internet at the same time. Then consider how many of them will be streaming video or downloading large files at one time. The following are some general guidelines. Each standard definition video stream requires a minimum of 3 Mbps. The best internet for HD streaming is 5 Mbps per user. 4K streaming or ultra HD streaming works best with a minimum of 25 Mbps.

Cost and Contract

When looking for a high-speed internet provider, keep in mind that prices are subject to change, and the cheapest high-speed internet service doesn’t necessarily offer the best value. Ask about limitations of service. There may be data caps with high overage charges if you exceed your package level. Providers that offer unlimited use usually have a greater value than those with data caps and overages. Ask about additional charges on your monthly bill. Is there a fee to rent a modem or router? Can you use your own modem and/or router? Is there a fee for wi-fi? What is the installation fee? How long is the contract? What happens if you have to cancel service before the contract is fulfilled? What is the payment policy? Subscribers can often save money by signing up for electronic billing and automatic payments.

Customer Support

How easy is it to get support if you experience an outage or another problem? Are you able to speak to someone over the phone if you choose to? Where are field support personnel located? If they aren’t local, the response time to outages and problems may take longer. Your internet service provider should provide quality tech support and responsive field support.